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Probate Trust Administration

Cuyahoga Falls Probate Attorney

At the Law Office of Margaret H. Kreiner, I help local Akron families and out-of-state executors and trustees with the details and demands of estate and trust administration. If you need help with the probate of an Ohio will, or if you have been named as a successor trustee under a living trust, contact our law firm in Cuyahoga Falls.

With more than 26 years of experience in probate court, I know how to open an estate, assemble and inventory the assets, deal with the claims of creditors, and take care of all of the other duties of an Ohio executor or personal representative. My goal is to get the assets of the estate into the hands of heirs and beneficiaries as quickly as possible, consistent with the requirements of Ohio probate law.

Even in an uncomplicated estate, it can take several months to wind up the probate court proceedings. In order to avoid this, many families use living trusts to keep assets out of probate and minimize delays. I can review your trust instruments to make sure that all assets have been properly transferred into trust, and advise the successor trustee about his or her postmortem accounting and reporting duties.

In some cases, the personal representative of an estate and the successor trustee of a living trust might run into problems concerning the proper ownership of a particular asset. Confusion as to the status of joint checking accounts, gifts or other transfers prior to death, or the ambiguous terms of a will can require a lawyer's attention to resolve disagreements and potential family discord. I can also help estate and trust fiduciaries from exposing themselves to trouble by overlooking essential legal requirements. My experience with probate complications of all kinds can help you avoid liability while finding practical solutions to difficult problems.

For out-of-state personal representatives and trustees, I can usually help you discharge your responsibilities without the need for you to return to Ohio. To learn more about the scope of our probate and estate administration practice in the Akron area, contact the Law Office of Margaret H. Kreiner.

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