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Power Of Attorney

Akron Powers of Attorney Lawyer

With more than 26 years of experience with estate planning and elder law issues, I know how to help our clients plan for every contingency, including their own incapacity.

For assistance in planning for the future, contact our Akron powers of attorney lawyer at the Law Office of Margaret H. Kreiner in Cuyahoga Falls.

Ohio Durable Power of Attorney Lawyer

A durable financial power of attorney is a basic estate planning tool that is an important part of a comprehensive estate plan. It grants a person of your choice the power to manage your financial affairs — the importance of choosing a person you can trust cannot be stressed enough.

A well-written power of attorney specifically grants authority for the agent to take care of all necessary financial matters, including:

  • Managing bank accounts, investments and real estate
  • Working with the Social Security Administration and Internal Revenue Service
  • Medicaid planning
  • Gifting
  • Settling claims and debts
  • Filing tax returns and other documents

If the financial power of attorney does not specifically grant the power, the agent will not have that power.

You have the ability to delay a financial power of attorney's effect, until you are declared incompetent, for example. You also have the right to revoke a power of attorney at any time prior to a declaration of incompetency.

Health Care Power of Attorney Lawyer

A health care power of attorney is a document granting a person you trust the power to make decisions regarding your medical treatment only when you are incapacitated. A health care power of attorney is used in combination with a living will to create a health care directive in the event that you are no longer able to make your health care wishes known.

Without legal power of attorney documents specifying who you would like to take care of your finances and who you would like to make your health care decisions, your loved ones will have to endure guardianship proceedings to establish the power to take care of your basic financial and health care needs. Our caring and compassionate attorney will assist you in making sure that doesn't happen.

To learn more about how a health care power of attorney and living will can ensure that you have a say in your future health care, contact our health care directives lawyer at the Law Office of Margaret H. Kreiner.

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