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Estate Planning For Blended Families

Akron Estate Planning and Blended Family Attorney

Estate planning is used to prepare for the future and provide answers to difficult questions once you have become incapacitated or have died. It becomes particularly helpful when these difficult questions become complicated by the merging of multiple families.

If you would like to discuss how to incorporate the needs of your blended family into your will, contact our Akron estate planning and blended family lawyer.

Ohio Trust Planning Lawyer

If you are getting married for the second time and have children from your previous marriage, your focus is on harmoniously blending your two families to create a new family unit going forward. It might seem like something you can "worry about later", but it is important to plan for the unexpected — what will happen if you or your spouse pass away or become incapacitated?

Trust planning provides a way to make sure that your assets are used to take care of each other in the event that one of you should die and that the respective assets each spouse brought to the marriage can then revert back to their own children.

If this kind of estate planning is not undertaken, all of the remaining assets would legally go to the family of the surviving spouse. There is no guarantee that the assets of the first spouse to pass away would go back to his or her children.

Trust planning can also be used to make sure that the children of the prior marriage will be cared for when their parent is incapacitated, but has not yet died.

Our estate planning attorney is also able to assist with trust administration and creating advance health care directives to help avoid extensive fighting and litigation over these questions.

Ohio Wills Attorneys

The attorney at the Law Office of Margaret H. Kreiner has more than 26 years of experience meeting even the most complicated of estate planning objectives.

To learn more about how we can help you put together an estate plan which effectively achieves your wishes for when you are gone, contact our knowledgeable Akron trust planning attorney.

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